Peruvian cuisine is one of the richest
and most varied, and already has the recognition
of the best chefs around the world…
but paradoxically it remains unknown.

But what makes this gastronomy so varied and rich?

Peru has a mega biodiversity, this due to his geography, which has a wide variety of microclimates and ecological levels. In a very simplistic way, I could summarize the geography: along the coastline, rich in fish and seafood because of the cold currents of the pacific ocean; the Andes the second highest mountain range after the Himalayas; and the Amazon forest, guardian of about 70% (?) of life on earth.

Other reason is the huge cultural heritage of indigenous people, who are the ones who made it possible for us today to eat potatoes and who invented what is known as lyophilisation. But the cultural factor was also “external”, including the influences of products and ways to cook from the Spanish (and with them Arab influences) after 500 years of colonization. Not forgetting the Africans brought as slaves from the sixteenth century, as well as Chinese, Japanese and Italian immigrants, they all arrived in Peru more than a century ago.

These various ways of cooking and eating, indigenous and exogenous influences, have enriched each other without complex for decades and even centuries. Which added a variety of exuberant natural products and creativity, the result cannot be other than an exceptional gastronomy, which also does not cease to reinvent itself.